Securing Your Technology Through Information - Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Server Lifter

The modern economy requires a deep dive into all aspects of information technology, including the physical care of your equipment that you may have otherwise not considered. If your company has servers on site that store valuable data and handle important processes, it's essential that they're treated with the proper care and deference that they deserve.

One way to make sure your servers remain physically secure is to invest in a server lifter. However, before you make that commitment, it's important that you have a full understanding of the process of jacking up your servers and you take all the necessary precautions to guarantee that they remain stable.

Consider Your Racks

The primary purpose of a server lifter is to allow a single employee to easily remove and replace equipment when maintenance is necessary. However, if your server lifter doesn't have adequate clearance between your server racks, your technicians may be placed in an awkward spot where they struggle to hold a server secure while simultaneously lifting it into position.

Avoid those concerns by purchasing a lifter with the size and space limitations of your racks in mind. By carefully measuring your space and marrying those measurements to your equipment, you can avoid these dangerous gambles and guarantee that your expensive servers are always handled with the utmost care.

Consider Radio Frequencies

Server rooms are often sealed environments set aside in a special area of a facility not only to allow them to remain clean and quiet, but also because it's important to minimize radio interference. Unshielded metal and other contaminants can cause your servers to fault or even potentially undergo electromagnetic damage.

Minimizing the number of metallic contacts in a server room is a great way to make sure you minimize the risk of frequency interference, and your server lifter plays a part in that process. Make sure you that you purchase a lifter with proper shielding, and one that works efficiently so as to minimize the load time.

Consider Breakdown Potential

Battery- and hydraulic-powered server lifters can be tempting products, as they offer high speed and minimal effort. However, if there's a breakdown in an electrical or hydraulic system, you may be left with an awkward mechanical interloper that creates an issue in the center of your business's most vital space. Instead, consider relying on a mechanical server jack whose parts will be guaranteed to function and whose performance will never be in question.

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